Underwater, where the amazing exists...


Explore a whole new world. Get Scuba Certified -only $459.99 Includes EVERYTHING

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19484 Poppytree Ct.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
Phone: (239) 297-9447
Fax: (619) 924-5228 President: Tina O'Connell

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Over 71% of the earth is covered in water and there is only one way to really see it all, scuba diving!

Scuba Lessons Inc. is a co-op that provides low cost scuba diving certification classes with NAUI & PADI professionally trained dive instructors and dive masters. We also provide scuba gear, dive trips, discounted dive programs, live animal interaction, a scuba conservation club, great adventure dives and diving gear at wholesale prices. Scuba Lessons Inc. with 14 instructors all over the state of Florida trains in the following regions in Florida: Naples, Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Kissimmee, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Tampa, Clearwater Beach, Sarasota, West Palm Beach, Miami, Pompano Beach, and the Florida Keys and surrounding areas.

FISH1In 2 days in the water and for only $459.99 you can be certified to dive with one of our professional, kind and experienced instructors by doing your academic portion of the class online at home. This price includes your complete book pack, e-learning access, and rental gear needed to dive for all classes through certification. You also get to keep your base student gear pack which includes a professional scuba mask, snorkel, boots and professional scuba fins and a large gear bag to keep it all in. NO, unlike most dive shops, you DO NOT have to purchase ANY equipment to do this class. We provide everything you need.We use only quality equipment and gear that is serviced and well cared for equipment. We train using a Co-Op of PADI America's and NAUI professionally trained and certified Dive Masters, Instructors and Experienced Scuba Diving Equipment Specialists all carefully screened to meet our strict cuteturtle1standards of instruction and ethics. Our instructors are drug tested, background screened, reviewed and trained monthly, conservation minded and patient. We each differ slightly in technique but we all insure mastery of every skill in the water.

Safety of everyone and everything under water is our primary concern during all training at all times. Scuba Lessons, Inc. provides everything any diver at any level needs to have confident, fun and exciting dives. Click here to check out our training options: Lessons

We generally teach either in aquatic centers with heated pools in the winter, or local crystal clear Florida Springs like Three Sisters, Peacock Springs, Troy Springs, Ponce Spring, De Leon Springs, Blue Springs, Devil's Den, Blue Grotto, and Alexander Springs in Central and North Florida and in Central Florida Lake Denton in Seabring or we go to beautiful beaches and ocean dives like Clearwater, Phil Foster Park|Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach, Neptune's Memorial Reef in Miami, Spanish Rocks in Sarasota and other sites like Venice Beach, FL where someone just trying scuba for the first time can WRECK1take away little treasures like old sharks teeth or white sand dollars for thier first dive souvineer. We train and dive in the club all year long. In the winter months the springs are a balmy 72 degrees and in the summer we are usually east coast diving in the salty realm in our comfortable sunshine of about 83 to 89 degrees.

Get certified to dive so you can explore the underwater world and see the magic that is the ocean you live in. From amazing colors to the beating life movements of coral and plethora of fun fish the sea is alive with beauty. One look and you will fall in love. The water contains so much amazing it will force the wow out of you. Take a look at this video of coral below and see what we mean. It is all alive underwater.



We also partner with the best dive boat in West Palm Beach, FL the Sandy's Sunday for terrific deals for our club members and RJ Diving and Diver's Paradise in Miami, Aquatic Explorers in Key Biscayne and Key's Diver's in Key Largo, Florida each of which are coast guard certified vessels with experienced and trustworthy captains.

Scuba Lessons Inc. has programs to learn scuba from ages 10 and up! Scuba is great family fun! We have adventure dives for beginners to try scuba all the way up to leadership and professional level scuba training. Here is one of our Conservation Kidz who won a scuba scholarship for her efforts in protecting turtles, Ms. Cori McWilliams in the video below.

Scuba Lessons, Inc. has an online store for all your scbua gear too.

Our Conservation dive club includes members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy sharing in the great sites, DD2dive planning, working on eco missions, coral restoration, marine mammel studies and rescues, educational programs and tremendous amount of fun we all have just diving together. We also sponsor and started M.A.R.S. Marine Animal Rescue Society of SW Florida and we partner with state and grass roots wildlife rescue organizations and send volunteers to efforts to rescue stranded or in danger marine mammels. Using boats, divers and volunteers we can make a difference. We are now a Field Station and can perform the reef fish identification exams and offer fish identication learning programs. We are joining in a local effort to do a major coral reef restoration project and need your help. Join the free Scuba Lessons Inc. Conservation Club to find out more on the projects we are working on to better our underwater world!

DOLPHINS2Our mission is:

To make diving sustainable, affordable and available for EVERYONE to be able to see and explore the 71% of the world covered in water. We will work very hard to acomplish this mission. This organization is a not for profit program and all funding that goes in goes right back out to acomplish our mission by supporting various charities and programs. Please check out our conservation and club pages for more information on how we do this. We advocate for sharks, reef protection and restoration, handicapp divers, soldiers, disadvantaged kids, manatees, marine mammels, whales and dolphins and where ever else we see a need for education, hard work or research affecting the underwater world. Join the club!