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We have moved! New Pool, New Offices, New Territory!

We still server the entire state of Florida however we have moved our main headquarters from Kissimmee, FL to 19484 Poppytree Court, Lehigh Acres, FL 33936, Phone 239-297-9447. Get the latest on what is happening by joining our meetup group at www.meetup.com/conservationdiveclub/


We Now Offer Professional Freediving (Breatholding) Classes

Taught by FII Certified Freediving Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Mr. Jonathan Dickenson. This most wonderful addition to our team and our services is extremely exciting to say the least. This technical training involves 2 intensive days of technique and skill building you to expertise to scuba dive without the scuba equipment! To dive free and unencombered can help you get closer to aquatic life where bubbles could prevent that for you. Speed and grace and skills learned in this course could plumit you easily to more than 60 feet. Some freedivers can go as long as 4 minutes to depths over 120 feet deep. The "Freedom" in freediving will never be understood by anyone who does not experience it for themselves. In two short days you can receive your training and certification by a professional certified freediving instructor. Equipment is provided for training however the equipment packages are affordable and can be purchased by students at a discount from the instructor. Please contact Jonathan Dickenson Directly for more information at: 561.248.3328 or 561.575.4321, or jonathan@scubalessonsinc.com


An Oily Residue that will stay with us forever

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FishyBP's attempt to stop the murder of mother nature in the gulf has only bits of success. I must say that the cap is great, that the oil is not flooding but my fears are all too real with the other smaller leaks that are now popping up. Like a garden hose at full pressure when you plug the end any leaks will not only spray out, but grow the longer you maintain pressure.. these parts of this virtual "hose" happens to be a mile under the sea under the seabed about 90 ft. which make this un-repairable. This is great if it the "cap" can hold back and the leaks are slow and the drilling is fast and accurate we may have a shot at stoping the bleeding on nature during what is for this country the most devestating ecological disaster ever is unspeakable.

Let's look of the data: 50 days as of 6/7/10 the oil has been spilling out and just today BP mentioned how they might want to add more ships to syphon the oil up.. so for the last 50 days where were these ships? A minimum of 25 million to up to 40 million total gallons of oil spilled per government estimates. Beautiful Teal blue and green and blue waters filled with tainted, poisonous black sludge.

Fishy4.7 million feet of sorbent containment boom deployed, and 1,096,000 gallons of dispersant used, 15 million gallons of oil and water mix have been recovered.

The most important number of all: 894 murdered wildlife animals confirmed as of today 7/24/10 as dead, including birds, turtles, dolphins found in spill area. Thousands more will die because of this devestation and our waters will not be the same for years to come. Therefore we would like to adopt a local new branch of M.A.R.S. Central Florida, Marine Animal Rescue Society of Central Florida would team up to clean animals, rescue wild life and do releases for animals cleaned and recovered into wild life preserves like the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge. Your comments are welcome!  Join today by emailing for training times: Tina@ScubaLessonsInc.com chapter founder.

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I promise BP will never get one more cent of my money and I will do what I can to help. Count me in!

Cindy Jameson, Advanced Scuba Diver, PADI, June 2010

I have been scrubbing and rinsing birds all day and every other one had died it is so sad. I sit here crying...

Sean Cox, DiveMaster, M.A.R.S. Volunteer, Mississipi Chapter, June 2010

It looks like the only part of Florida that will be worth diving in a few months will be the west palm and Stuart areas of Florida and only because of the Gulf Loop Current. Estimates say up to 5 years before we recover. I don't see this state ever recovering from this. We are definately not doing enough!

Sarah Pallintino, PADI OWSI, Volunteer, Student, Yesterday

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