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In less than two weekends and for only $459.99 you can be open water certified to dive safely with one of our professional, safe, and thorough instructors.

Using a Co-Op of PADI and NAUI professionally trained, insured and certified Instructors, Divemasters and Equipment Specialists; Scuba Lessons, Inc. proudly provides the training, equipment and experience any diver at any level needs to enjoy, amazing, safe and fun dives.

Come enjoy a magical dream with our professional scuba team today! Don't wait to see the rest of the world!


Discover Diving Experience $129 [If done with Adventure dive only $89]

No experience necessary to take part in a magical adventure where you will take your first breaths underwater. We start with a NAUI or PADI certified, insured and well trained professional who will meet with you for a pool session. During this session you can expect to see the basic equipment, gain an understanding of what each piece of equipment will do. You will receive breathing technique instruction base safety rules and then we will don our equipment and get in the water in the pool. It is a simple and fun experience where you will learn a few tricks like clearing your mask and regulator underwater then you are off, swiming around breathing underwater and playing skill building games. This is a 2-3 hour pool session only. Click here to purchase.

ADVENTURE DIVES -For just $79 more you can enjoy one of our ADVENTURE DIVE OPTIONS.

Adventure Dive #1 -Two guided professional adventure dives to a living reef in West Palm Beach at the Blue Heron Bridge/Phil Foster Park. This is an actual shore dive in the ocean on where you will see a living coral reef no more than 30 ft. deep. You will see colorful coral, tons of fish and other marine life. This is an wonderful morning full of of fun and is a huge hit for many vacationing folks who want to see what makes Florida Great! We do include a photographer who will take digital photos with our underwater camera to capture these special memories forever. After your dive you can download them free of charge via our Facebook page. Add underwater video of your experience +$35

Adventure Dive #2 -You can go to the local crystal clear springs in Crystal River called "Kings Springs" and enjoy a tropical fresh water dive with the little fishes or in cooler months lots and lots of Manatees show up! This is the only place in the entire USA that it is actually legal to touch a manatee and scratch thier back. This experience is a memory of a lifetime as you swim along side these gentle plant eating creatures. There squeaks and gentle nudges to scratch thier bellys will melt your heart. If manatee encouter is your wish you can only use snorkel gear during the manatee play, afterwhich we can scuba dive in the heated pool at the dock. Add underwater video of your experience +$35

Adventure Dives are completely optional add on to your discover dives however a discover dive in the pool or shallow water adjacent to the location will allow us to provide you basic training that is required to take part in the Adventure Dives with an experienced Divemaster and/or Instructor.

Scuba Review Tune Up or Refresher Course $129

If you are Open Water Certified but have not dove in over 6 months it is highly reccomended that you enroll in our Refresher/Scuba Review/Tune Up Course. This is for NAUI, PADI or SSI certified divers. This course will review the basic safety rules of diving, your dive tables, your complete skill circuit and some self and buddy rescue techniques. This is a 2-3 hour pool session normally. Alternatively you can accompany a loved one's open water class if your already certified and get your refresher as if your attending another class all together. The book pack for this is just the Scuba Review Tune Up Book for your academics. Scuba Lessons Inc. former students receive this course at 50% off any time. Sign up now, before our next club dive so your ready and safe! This course is $129.00 for a limited time: Click here to purchase

Open Water Scuba Certification PADI or NAUI $459.99 (Group Class) (Private Class is $525)

You will need to complete a little book work in advance. Just five short chapters to ensure you have base level understanding of scuba dive theory, rules for safety, equipment and the pressure of water and how it affects air and affects your lungs, air spaces and gases in your body. Once you complete your at home academic training you will get to enjoy some serious skill sessions in the pool or shallow spring where you will learn to control bouyancy, breath, and safely dive in the pool and in the open ocean on a living reef. You then get dive 4 actual "checkout" open water dives that are evaluated and then you will be certified to dive for the rest of your life you will be able to rent tanks and dive! The at home academics usually take about 3 evenings to complete the 9 chapters. Your complete book pack is included in your cost above. Your in water sessions consist of 6 dives. We prefer that you do this in 4 days total but no less than three days, 2 dives each. We can do this in 2 weekends quite comfortably. We look forward to handing you your Open Water Certification Card and will be just as confident as you will be in your skill set, your knowledge and your excitement! Why wait? This course is now on sale in our online store: Click here for more information or to purchase. Most complete this class in two or three full days (6-8 hours each, 2 to 3 dives each day), however, if you need more time to master the skills to full confidence you can simply jump into another class and take more time to master your skills and feel confident. We train at multiple locations and have a few class groups each month. You can call to book your classes anytime: 239.297.9447 or to have us answer any questions. All academics are done at home in advance of the class. The book pack including videos, books, dive tables, log books, e-learning access information and some other goodies are all included. We provide all equipment needed for the training. We do reccomended however that after dive day one that you purchase your own Snorkel, Mask, Dive Boots and Fins. It will be the one thing you can not rent after you graduate when you want to do future scuba dives and is a good first start to your gear collection. We ask that you wait to have a basic understanding of gear options during day one training and learn how to properly fit the equipment prior to making any purchases. Just call us with any questions you may have at: 321.299.5796 or 239.297.9447. This class will certify you to go down to a maximum depth of 60ft. (standard for recreational scuba diving) and you will be able to dive anywhere in the world you want to go. NAUI and PADI open water certification cards are both recognized world wide.

Nitrox Certification (EANx or Enriched Air Diver) NAUI Or PADI $199.00 NAUI ON SALE $169 for 1 mo. only!

Many claim that Nitrox will get rid of the after dive headaches and the tired dragging feeling. While we can not claim that is true scientifically, we can state scientifically you will get more bottom time ecspecially on successive repetitive dives. It lessens your chance of getting Narcosis as well. Nitrox is great for deep diving to about 100ft. Nitrox is the 2-3 tank shipwreck diver's dream gas and simply has a bit more Oxygen in the tank. There are things that happen when you add more oxygen that add considerations which is what this training is all about. Certification price above includes your books, tables, training and dives. Only 1 dive is required for this certification and it can be completed in one day. We usually reccomend a 2-tank boat dive. Minimal discounted boat fees or state park fees (average $6 day) are additional/optional, however everything else is included, your gear too! Click here for more information or to purchase.

Advanced Open Water Scuba Certificatioin NAUI $249.00 PADI $249.00

Extreme bouyancy skill, excellant navigation, an understanding of deep diving theory, and two other adventure dive training programs of your choice... 5 dives (6 with NAUI) include specialty training and focus to greatly improve and hone your skills and increase your skill set. This class is generally done in 3 days, 2 dives per day. This can be done in 2 weekends or spaced out over time. Our schedules are very flexible and locations depend on your specialty choices. Please callt o chat if your interested in knowing more about this class 239.297.9447. Knowledge and training is power. Power to BE a better diver today! Advanced certification is required for dives beyond 60 feet including great wrecks and unique reefs. More training means more fun places to go and better diving. Why wait? Call today to schedule your session or click here for more information or to purchase.

Rescue Diver $299.00 PADI, $289 NAUI

This is the best training you will ever get in Scuba. The knowledge save a life empowers our students to do something when emergencies happen, and they do happen sometimes. To have the knowledge of how to treat injuries from aquatic life, and have emergency first response skills and be able to perform a rescue from any scenario and better yet to prevent it is the ideal dive buddy. You can add emergency first response training for only $50 which includes adult and infant first aid, Adult and Infant CPR, AED training and O2 provider to your training. Your standard and advanced rescue provides you in water and out of water rescue skills and training, basic life support and rescue scuba theory. You will be the one to know what to do when someone is injured, hurt, has decompression illness, stung, or worse unconcious. Your training and knowledge can mean the difference if someone lives or dies. I can think of no better dive buddy than a certified rescue diver. Although this is intensive training it can be completed in 1 weekend/2 days of training. It is physically challenging and does involve classroom time and full mock-up in water rescue scenarious that will be demonstrated and then completed by the student. Call for more information: 239.297.9447 or Click here to get more information or to purchase.

Divemaster Certification or Assistant Instructor PADI: $500.00 PADI or NAUI: $420

Be amoung the ranks of diving professionals internationally. As a certified Dive Master or Assistant Instructor you can share the joy of diving with others through teaching and as a dive guilde. It is the beginning of an exciting future. Just imagine your self getting rid of that 9-5 stuffy office job and jumping into a cool blue ocean daily. The most intensive training of your life will be your Divemaster training. You will absorb an encyclopedia of dive theory, all of the science behind scuba including weather and water patterns, oceanic tides and currents, demonstration level diving and safety skills, and everything else in the water you can imagine. You can do intensive training sessions privately for an additional $250 with your own personal instructor or take the relaxed divemaster internship instead which is reccomended it can vary from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the time you have to invest and your progress. Most complete this training within 4 months attending weekends only. Call today to talk with a trained, certified and insured professional about your options and the detail in this training. We do require you have 50 logged dives to begin this course and that you have 75 dives logged when completed. This is the last step you need as a prerequisite to going into instructor level leadership. As a dive master you can conduct Refresher courses and discover and adventure dives and guide dives and work on boats and finally make money to pay for your scuba habit. This is a leadership level training program. The Assistant Instructor Program is different in NAUI than in PADI. In NAUI Assistant Instructor is before DiveMaster in ranking. The Assistant Instructor program will teach you presenation skills, instructor preparation, training techniques, risk and liabilities, leadership ethics, Student/Instructor ratios and will begin your path to instructorship.

Dive Master Skill Circuit Videos

Master Scuba Diver Program $420 NAUI or PADI

Master Scuba divers are amoung the most experienced divers. This course requires 5 full specialites to be completed to achieve this ranking. One of them we specifically require is the Rescue Diver Course above in detail, including O2, AED, First Aid and CPR certification, the others you get to choose. We can discuss this at length if your interested please call me at 239.297.9447. This is a very intensive course but so much fun and you really are the expert diver when done. Your confidence, skill set and experience will show when your a master diver. This is the highest ranking non-professional level of training youcan attain in recreational scuba diving.