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Corporate Headquarters:
19484 Poppytree Ct.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
Phone: (239) 297-9447
Cell: (321) 299-5796 President: Tina O'Connell

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Join our meet up group to get in on all our dives!

We have some exciting stuff coming up this year. You can join our meet up group and always be informed of what dives we have coming up locally. Click: to join for FREE and see the calendar and event details. Here are some to peak your interest!

March 1st, 2014; 9:30 am - 4:30 PM Key Largo, FL Peace Reef Project!

We are planting a reef of live rock that you will be able to see from outer space as part of an eco friendly project started by Peter Wolfson. There is no cost if you have your own boat. If you need to use one of the commercial dive boats then the cost is only $85 includes tanks and weights for that price. You can help us be a part of history! This reef will live on for generations and be something that will be known for years. Don't you want to say you built it? Well join us then!

May 14th, 2014; 9:30 am - 4:30 PM Venice Beach, FL Treasure Hunt for Prehistoric Megladon!

Treasure hunt with us in the shallow waters of Venice Beach, FL looking for prehistoric Sharks Teeth and more Shore dive so no boat costs at all! We will guide the dives but will not be charging for that service. CERTIFIED DIVERS: $0 ---Must bring your own gear, tanks, and dive flag! You can purchase these items on the new online store at: Don't miss your chance to find the very common $3,00...0 megladon teeth here. A mesh bag is reccomended to dive with to carry all the goodies. You can also find prehistoric whale bones and even land mammel bones in some areas that are prehistoric. NON DIVERS WANTING TO TRY IT: $129 will provide you a discover diving lesson, gear, tanks, mask, fins, snorkle, dive regulator, BCD and a NAUI or PADI certified professional trainer and guide for your shallow treasure hunt guided dive to follow. Must call to reserve the spot: 321.299.5796 Includes tanks and gear for this price! REFRESHER COURSE: $100 for complete refresher course.. the deepest areas here are only down to 28 ft. so this is an idea spot to do a fun refresher course and make a fun day of it. Includes 1 tank and gear for this price and additional tanks are $10 each extra if needed. Spaces are limited for this due to gear. Call to reserve: 321.299.5796. Where: Venice Beach Service Park Access Lot 1190 Harbor Dr. S. Venice, FL 34285

Start July with a Bang! July 5th, 2014 2 Tank Reef &
Wreck "Night Dive"

It is almost the fall season and the best time to do a night dive is when everything is active at night.. Call in advance to book your spot, RESERVATIONS REQUIRED: Phone: 561-776-5974 Must mention coupon code: TINA11 to get this rate of only $55 plus $10 each for tanks if needed.Our Dive Boat of Choice

Diving in West Palm has never been so great! Must bring 2 Dive lights, one main and one back up.

You may also want a glow stick on your safety sausage. Safety Sausages are required on most boats in the West Palm Beach Diving areas. This will be a guided dive by a PADI DSD level Divemaster, certified and insured.

Address to meet at: 200 E. 13th St Riviera Beach Fl 33403 "Sandy's Sunday" is located in Riviera Beach Marina, which is about 10 minutes from downtown West Palm Beach. If you are coming from the the south use I-95 until you hit the Blue Heron Blvd Exit 76. Go East towards the ocean for several miles until you come to US Hwy 1/Broadway. Turn to your right and head south until you come to the second traffic light. This is 13 th St, you'll see the marina and many signs to your left. Turn onto 13th St and come into the marina, once there turn left and follow the "Adventure Kayak" signs to the north end of the parking lot. Our boat is located across from the kayak hut. When you arrive just pull your car up to the kayak tiki hut, and our crew will assist you in unloading. Your gear will be taken to the boat while you park your car.

Scuba Lessons, Inc. has a online store for all your scbua gear too.

Our dive club includes members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy sharing in the great sites, dive planning and tremendous amount of fun we all have together. Join the club today: