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Corporate Headquarters:
19484 Poppytree Ct.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
Phone: (239) 297-9447 President: Tina O'Connell

Sister Location:
Manager: Teri Franks

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Meet-Up Group LaunchedOnline Florida Conservation Dive Club sponsored by Scuba Lessons Inc. Join now for free to be automatically informed of what is going on and see newly added trips. You can also suggest trips here too. As a member you can organize trips and invite the club.

08/29/13 We are no longer updating the news site page here with updatd dives and events. Now in order to get updates for the Florida Conservation Dive Club or for Scuba Lessons Inc. you need to please join our FREE club newsletter sign up. There is no cost or obligation and you will only get emails that you sign up for or for events you join so we will not 'spam' you. You can sign up at: This club information is served out to our membership in our newsletter as well and only done quarterly. We do not over email you nor to we EVER share your information. Your information will always be kept private and for club use and events ONLY.


NOW OPEN! Online scuba store from Scuba Lessons Inc.

08/29/13 We are no longer updating the news. Now in order to get updates for the Florida Conservation Dive Club or for Scuba Lessons Inc. you need to please join our FREE club. There is no cost or obligation and you will only get emails every three months so we will not 'spam' you. You can sign up at: now.


03/01/13 We MOVED! Our headquarters recently moved from Kissimmee, FL to 19484 Poppytree Ct., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936, Phone: 239-297-9447! We will still serve all of Florida!

1/24/11 Florida Underwater Parks Program Volunteer Call to Action! We will need all hands on deck for this new program the end of January. We will be participating in an underwater archeology mapping, video tape logging and image capturing program to build essentially an underwater state park out of a significant ship wreck all the bottom of the Florida waters.. all secrets for now. Join the club and state your interest to be a part of it!

1/5/14 New Staghorn Coral Preservation Program starting soon. We will be planning some very interesting club dives to plant, not just look at the coral. The staghorn coral is so scarcely seen in the south florida reefs because it is endangered. Were going to make a difference togther. Join us on the next coral planting dive party! It will be amazing! Join the club to get the newsletter with updates.

11/15/11 New Free Diving Coure Instructor joins the Scuba Lessons Inc. team, now Jonathan Dickenson is also a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and a boat captain but more impresively he is a FII certified freediving instructor and Jr Instructor trained by a world record freediver! Lessons will be posted in the online store soon!

12/17/11 All Day Fun in West Palm, 2 Tank dive on Sandy's Sunday (wreck and wreef) $69 plus $5 per tank, with the club rates. Must have reservations: call 321.299.5796

Club Happenings Join the Central Florida Scuba Club for some great fun diving with the club members. Great for beginners and experienced divers. You never know what your going to see. Amazing life off the beaten reef!

8/14/10 Treasure Hunting Fun in Venice Beach, FL. We are getting together to hunt for all sorts of prehistoric sharks teeth, whale bones, dolphin ear bones and much more check out our club page and join now for more information. Please invite any non divers to try diving this day for a reduced fee. guided dives by experienced treasure hunters.. club page for more information.

7/01/10 M.A.R.S. Marine Animal Rescue Society Central Florida Chapter is formed by founder Tina O'Connell. Please join the club to be a part of our exciting efforts to educate, support, research, and volunteer resources and time to help marine mammels. This Central Florida group has already been called to assist with the Florida Fish and Wild life to help move endangered sea turtle eggs from the gulf coast shores to protective wildlife refuges on the east coast of florida due to the oil spill in the gulf. We will also be called on to assist with manatee, dolphin, shark, whale or other marine rescues as needed. We need your support. If you have specialized training already or would just like to help or receive traning, please email me:

7/4/10 New Central Florida Adventure Dive Club formed!

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Our dive club includes members of all ages and experience levels who enjoy sharing in the great sites, dive planning and tremendous amount of fun we all have together. Join today!

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