Underwater, where the wild things are...


Explore a whole new world with us...

Corporate Headquarters:
19484 Poppytree Ct.
Lehigh Acres, FL 33936
Phone: (239) 297-9447 President: Tina O'Connell

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Over 71% of the earth is covered in water and there is only one way to really see it all, scuba!

We now have a new meet up group and all of our dive trips are planned using this tool. It includes a calendar of all of our dives with all of the dive trip details and much more. Please check it out now at: This club is one of 5 meet up groups but it will soon become our only meet up group as we transition our other group members over to this one. We are a club of about 5,000 divers with a focus on eco conservation, underwater education and care and training for green diving. We currently support the efforts of 17 partner charitites like Shark Whisperer organization and Dive Heart and and many others. Our goal ultimately is to make diving sustainable, affordable and available for everyone forever. That is why we make sure all our diving fund i