Wednesday, June 12, 2024

NAUI Open Water Scuba Certification Course – 2 Day Intensive Class

10-29-2016 00:00 - 10-30-2016 00:00

This is a total of 16 hours of training,  two full 8 hour days along with about a week of academics online at home prior to the training sessions.  This class will take place October 1st and 2nd and utilize the NAUI Open Water Scuba Standards for Training Program.  This will consist of a full day in confined water/pool doing a base classroom setting on site and 3 dives in the pool.  Extensive training during these sessions will have you mastering a full skill circuit to full comfort and confidence.

The skills will be repeated during dives 4 and 5 in your open water check out dives on day two and the dive number 6 on day two will be a review and confirmation that all your skills and abilities in diving are to full comfort and confidence.

This course we do not require but request that you join our conservation club and dive with our divemasters and instructors on at least your next three dives just for some extra measure of comfort and we offer this program free.  There are no obligations but we want to be there to help you continue diving often and helping the underwater environment.   To sign up to this small class program (less than 6 students maximum) please call immediately to instructor: Tina O’Connell – 321.299.5796 today.  The cost is just $469 and includes everything you need to train, your book packs and your initial gear pack (mask, snorkel, fins, boots, and bag) which are yours to keep forever.  No surprises here, just a good value and hard work to get excellent training and a certification card that says you are a diver for life and can go anywhere in the world and dive!