Lake Denton

laked1Lake Denton is a 66 acre crystal clear freshwater lake in Highlands County, located between Avon Park and Sebring, Florida. Diving in Lake Denton is managed by the Phil Elder, of the Lake Denton Church Camp which is located on its shore. This lake is very popular as a training site, and also with certified divers.  It is spring water filled at a rate of over 1 million gallons of clean spring water flow into this lake daily cleaning and purifying the water and keeping it clear.  The lake is excellant for training because it is huge, comfortable, warm and clear and has allot of fun toys under the water like bicycles to ride, hoops to swim through, boat wrecks and even tractors and tiki gods to play with.  There is even a 50 foot cross in the center of the lake on the bottom.  Neat fun to do your check out dives!

790 Lake Denton Roadlaked4
Avon Park, FL 33825
Contact Info:
Phone: 863-453-3627
Phil: 863-634-8722

Hours: Entry into Lake Denton is via the nearby church camp. The are open from 9am-6pm daily.
Driving directions:
Travel West on I-4 past Disney to exit 55 to merge onto US-27 Southbound.
Drive for 50 minutes (miles) until you reach Avon Park.
Drive through Avon Park for about 1 mile (passing the fast food restaurants) until you see a sign post for the SF Community College, and turn left here.
At the end of SFCC drive, take a right, and then a left onto Lake Denton Drive.
The church camp is about a quarter mile down on the right, marked with a sign that says 'Divers Entrance' right after the last yellow house on the right.


For Scuba classes

Admission Fee:  
Admission is $15.00 per diver, this includes access to the lake and your parking fee.
The instructor will have each student to fill in the Lake Denton Liability Release Form, collect $15 from everybody, and pay for the group.